Why Cecil the Lion?

I have been listening to the anger, outrage, grief, pain and confusion over the death of Cecil the lion from Zimbabwe.

I have been reading the articles from the New York Times, countless articles on-line and television news coverage trying to understand what it is about this lion’s death, Cecil’s death, that has so moved people from across the globe.

I have listened to anger of others who feel the attention that Cecil’s death has been given by the media is a distraction.  That the government is covering up something. Others, who feel that the attention to Cecil minimizes the deaths of black men and women who have been killed unjustly.  Others, who say it is a tragedy that we are so concerned with a lion’s death but not the deaths due to unending conflict between brothers and sisters around the globe.

Why have we felt such compassion for Cecil? Why has Cecil cracked our hearts open? Does this make any sense in the scheme things in this  crazy world we live in where every day there is horrific devastation? There is no way to compare a quarter million people killed in Syria or the unimaginable number of people displaced world wide due to conflict or the death of 9 black Americans in a church in Charleston, SC to a lion’s death.  But, could this lion’s death symbolically represent all injustices?

Cecil, the lion with the dark mane that was an icon for Zimbabwe, a country that has been under great strain politically, economically and spiritually for many years. Zimbabwe, where conditions are dire and repressive, where poaching is often the only way that one can feed their family. It was not the case with Cecil but it is in many other situations.

Why did Cecil, a lion, crack our hearts open?

When looking at an event, there are many ways to assess its significance.

We look at the facts.

We have a lion, protected by Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe in which he lived who ends up hunted for his head. Lions are predicted to be extinct in our lifetime. In 2013, it was estimated that there were only 15,000 lions left in Africa. Fifty years ago, there were over 200,000. Today, they are extinct in 25 African nations with only 5 continental African nations possibly having more than 1,000 lions. Between 1999 -2008, 7,000 wild lions were traded internationally for recreational hunting purposes with the numbers increasing in recent years.

Do you know that if you kill a male lion in a pride, that you essentially kill the other male that he shares the pride with as well as all of the cubs that were conceived by them as other male lions take over the weakened pride. So in actuality, 20 to 30 lions may die as a result of killing a single male lion.

Most lions are in game reserves or in the canned camp industry, which is an industry that raises lions for trophy hunting.. The “King of Beasts” is being raised as a commodity for profit in lion farms called “canned camps”.  This industry has grown astronomically in the last 50 years, from 4 to thousands. A new movie coming out called “Blood Lions” exposes this industry’s horrific practices. They entice well-meaning people to come feed the baby lions and/or walk them for a fee. The cubs are inhumanely taken from their mothers at birth.  Taking them from birth, they become socialized to humans and therefore extremely easy to kill once they have matured. They are then held in small cages until they are mature enough to kill for sport at close range often drugged by Trophy hunters.

Trophy hunters primarily from the Western countries pay exorbitant fees to kill these lions at close range. Interesting that this industry has grown so large because some folks want so badly to kill a lion that they will spend $50,000 to $100,000. What is it they are trying to experience by killing a lion?

Many lions like Cecil are killed through poaching: the illegal killing of a lion or other protected animal (often endangered). This practice has grown astronomically in recent years for sport, lion body parts, elephant tusks, rhino horns, bear bladders and many others for perceived medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

We look at the astrological significance

The Earth’s axis moves into different astrological ages every 2167 years. We have just moved into the Age of Aquarius, which the Earth’s North Axis points to and the Age of Leo, which the South Axis points to. This particular configuration won’t happen again for 26,000 years. In this age the focus is on Humanity’s relationship with Lion. Essentially, it is about humanity’s relationship with their “inner lion” or inner power that expresses itself in love and respect for all of the natural world: humans of different religions, sexual orientations, colors of skin, animals, plants, rocks, minerals, water, air, fire.

It is significant that Cecil’s death on July 1st, 2015 was an astrologically significant time when the full moon was in Capricorn, a message that in crisis we can embrace our responsibilities and empower our inner authority to build the kind of life/world we want.In addition, the planets Venus and Jupiter were conjunct in their closest proximity to each other in 2000 years. This is about cracking our hearts open even wider! Venus rules love and the heart…and Jupiter is the planet of expansion…this is about collectively expanding the heart. The degree of this configuration was 21 degrees. In tarot, this is the Universe Card, which represent completion, a new beginning to a higher level of being or a return to the original cosmic union of Oneness. Could it be that Cecil’s killing by the dentist from Minnesota was part of the cosmic plan of awakening to wholeness?

In addition, July 26th -August 8th is considered the Lions Gate. It is considered a gateway to consciousness and lion-heartedness. It is interesting that the story of Cecil came into heightened media awareness and heightened heart activation of humanity during this gateway. In terms of numerology “21” breaks down into a “3” and this represents Union. The three is the Empress card, which represents “LOVE” and the connection between spirit and matter.

We look at spiritual significance

Lions are associated with spirituality in all of the major religions. There are many references made to having a “lion-heart”. What better time on our planet is a lion-heart needed, one that is expressing the “power of love” as we move mountains of racial inequality, separation, greed, hatred, fear and prejudice.  Lions are here to help us remember balance in the order of the Universe. If lions are protected and in balance, then the Universe is in balance.

One wonders if Cecil didn’t indeed have a larger purpose on Earth at this time. Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that the dentist killed Cecil. Maybe Cecil’s death was part of his Sacred Purpose, his sacred contract to “crack open the hearts” of humans to activate their own “lion-hearts” and tap into their own “inner lion” or “inner authority”.

Maybe the dentist, Walter Palmer, also had a ‘Sacred Purpose’ to kill Cecil to awaken his own closed heart, maybe he sacrificed himself at a soul level for us to awaken our closed hearts?

It is no coincidence that this man cut off Cecil’s head. This is the act that has been used to express the most destructive forces for evil on our planet. Would it not be a symbolic representation of disconnect from body and spirit, from brain and heart, from our lion-heartedness?

In my psycho-spiritual work, I have been integrating the teachings of the White Lions whose return to Earth was predicted by the indigenous people during a time of great environmental change on the planet. The White Lions are considered higher consciousness beings that are energetically holding the earth as it moves into a more highly evolved state. The White Lions are symbolically assisting us in the activation of our lion-heartedness as we come into the new Age and embrace the power of love.

In my own work, I recently was in Minnesota sharing about the White Lions as I supported others in awakening to their own “inner authority”. What does this mean?  As we do the work of healing our trauma, our separation or disconnect from our body, mind and spirit we can access a power greater then we ever knew to step forward in love and respect to change our world.  To heal all the ways we have been in separation from each other and the natural world. Was it part of my sacred purpose to share this energy with Minnesota as the story of Cecil came forth to crack our hearts open? We all play a part in the awakening of humanity’s consciousness. Every action we take carries an energetic vibration to support the whole.

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, meaning that we as humans contain within us all that is-we are the dark and light, we are the male and female, we are the earth and stars, we are the teacher and student, we are the black and white, the animal and human. We are all inter-connected in a way that is vast and unlimited.

Yes, for some of us our hearts have been cracked open and we are feeling a deeper connection and compassion for Cecil and maybe all animals, maybe all of humanity. Yes, maybe even some compassion for Walter Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota who is so wounded that he has to kill something beautiful and powerful to feel good about himself. May this compassion and the sacrifices of each of them take us closer to waking up and living our lives in love, respect and reverence for all of life.

A Shamanic Perspective on Ferguson

November 17, 2014

The film Lion Ark is about the daring rescue of 25 lions that had been imprisoned in zoos in Bolivia. They were brought to a Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado created by a 19 year old man after he discovered that zoos hold surplus animals in their back rooms that never see the light of day. They old, unwanted animals stay there and eventually are euthanized. They are held in small cages.  This man was stunned and began a life long journey working on behalf of wildlife.
Imagine, the King of Beasts locked in a cage….the anger and rage, demoralization, deprivation, loss of power….the hopelessness about one’s plight as one is held in such a small captivity space.
Witnessing the animals pain, their loss of power and purpose brought tears to my eyes.  I realized that my perception of zoo’s and circuses and my enjoyment of visiting them had a dark side, an underbelly of denial by our culture, by the employees, by the visitors that was not even in my awareness. The darkest example was hidden behind the scenes.
My “story” expanded, I experienced a “truth” a felt experience that showed me an even bigger story.

This same day I watched Lion Ark, I read that the officer who killed Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO had not been indicted. One article found greater meaning behind the unfolding events in Ferguson. The events in Ferguson represented a “loss of power” of both races and the anger and rage that ensues when our ego fears we will be annihilated.
The article expressed that it was “White Rage” that played out in Ferguson, or at the very least it has been ignored as the news covers the “Black Rage”. It is the white folks, the police and others that are scared at their perceived loss of control as they see Black skinned people gain power, like Barack Obama becoming President of the United States.

These two stories got me thinking…by maintaining separation between us and them, we maintain an illusion of control. The USA (and world) have relied on separation as a defense mechanism to keep our pain, sorrow and loss of power contained. We have perpetuated separation dogma or systems between ourselves and others, whether it is black and white, poor and rich, animals and man, doctor and patient, teacher and student, man and woman, nature and human, old and young, etc. We have created a division within out own selves also, the dark and light, pain and free of pain, masculine and feminine.
In our collective psyche, many are in the process of healing and integrating the dark and light aspects of themselves but many are not.  Those that are not are acting out of a loss of power, a separation, a post-traumatic reaction that has been passed on from generation to generation, a fear of loss of control. At some unconscious level, they may feel, “If I don’t have control, I will die!”.  If I don’t have control, I will have to face myself, all the ways that I am ashamed of who I am, of what I have done. At some level we fear that Mom and Dad or God will punish us for we have sinned. So if we keep control, we won’t have to feel the fear, the shame the small child feels when they have disappointed their parents. We will control with laws, restrictions, and divisions. We will keep the power over others to keep ourselves feeling safe.

Folks who are doing their healing, integrating the unconscious and conscious parts of themselvest begin to see their healing is not just the healing of their own traumas but begin to understand that they also heal the pain, trauma, sorrow that has been passed on for generations through their ancestors. In addition, they heal the collective pain of the world. Their perspective changes, their “story” becomes expanded and they see that we humans are a microcosm of our world. As we heal, we are less likely to project onto others our pain and separation. We become more whole in ourselves and see that there is not separation, that we create it to try to feel better about ourselves, to quell the fear, the feelings of not being good enough, that all of life is a reflection of the Divine.

As we heal the disowned parts of ourselves and recognize the need for control, we realize that we have imprisoned ourselves, in cages of our own making. We see that the fear and rage of this imprisonment has been acted out towards others with an abuse of power.

Like the lions that are imprisoned in zoos, whether we are black or white, Israeli or Jew, young or old, woman or man, we have been imprisoned in our own “story” and we lash out trying to feel better by any means we can to control our fear.

Due to the imprisonment from our “story” we have lost our own “inner lion”, our backbone as we have been living the “story” of our childhoods over and over again. It is often our inner kid who is in charge, who tries to make themselves feel more powerful. We as humans may feel like we have no power, just like we felt when we were little. We are controlled by Big Brother, economics, the weather, by our circumstances,  etc.  We look outside of ourselves for leadership and we end disappointed, no one measures up anymore. We don’t have any hero’s to look up to for hope. To numb ourselves with this disappointment, we eat more food that doesn’t nourish us, take more drugs in an attempt to feel better or to heal us from our own imprisonment, there is more pornography access and use then every before, more street drugs….more work hours… more distractions of many kinds…so many kinds of technological gadgets to keep us from facing ourselves and each other. By looking outside of ourselves to be rescued or to numb ourselves from our fears, we become prone to embrace blame and separation, which enable an abuse of power.

We project our own pain onto others through the abuse of power but we see others as separate from us, better or worse then us. But as we free ourselves from our “own story” we begin to get a glimpse of the bigger picture of humanity, of our world, and we no longer need to act out our pain on others who we perceive as the enemy. We can begin to heal and forgive others and ourselves. We can embrace our own “inner lion” which is our own inner authority, knowing that the answers lie within ourselves, in our ability to come into right relationship with our dark and light, the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves.

It is said that we have entered a time in the history of our planet that is reflective of the relationship between humanity and the lion. We are both apex predators on the planet, if we are not in right relationship with all that exist in the natural order of the Universe, the ecological system will not sustain itself. The lion is coming more and more into our psyche as a metaphor to support change in our world at a critical time of evolutionary change on the planet.

As we free the lion from the cages it has been placed in, we free ourselves from our own imprisonment and the cages we have been placed in by our separation and need to control others. We as a human race have been imprisoning “lions” to try to capture the power of the lion within ourselves. We have only captured and imprisoned our own selves with our ”own story”. It is time to free the lion and to free ourselves to recognize that the power really lies within and our story has only been a story! It is time to free ourselves from our cages, our separation from each to other and the natural world, to see the bigger picture!

Carley Mattimore

Carley Mattimore is a Shamanic Minister, Psychotherapist, Shamanic Master Breathwork Facilitator, Energy Worker and Co-founder of Aahara Spiritual Community of Venus Rising in Springfield, IL. Carley is also a  passionate speaker and advocate for the White Lions of Timbavati.

How the world is so big

The White Lions have come to Earth at this time to give us a message related to the evolutionary changes taking place on our planet. They are “Divine Consciousness” and their message is to step into our own power to do what we can uniquely do for the world at this time.

The world what is levitra is in the middle of huge polarities with struggles between the right & left; dark & light; conservative & liberal; feminine & masculine; gay and straight; protected & unprotected areas. We as a world have become polarized into two camps, whatever the issue is, there exists cialis side effects what http://www.frankelnewfield.com/blog/cialis/ people believe to be a right and a wrong position. We are stuck in this polarity.

It is important for us to integrate all aspects of ourselves in order to be whole. Often, the part http://peterlawgroup.com/blog/cialis-online/ of ourselves that is not integrated is the shadow part or denied part of ourselves. When we don’t acknowledge this part, it acts out in ways that we defend as right even when it is wrong. It is the part that can do horrible damage to our Earth, to other humans and to ourselves as we justify it

What I learned is that not only is Timbavati a star energy area, it exists on the same longitudinal meridian with Giza, where the Sphinx exists. It is also at the tail of the Rift Valley where generic viagra the first human evolved, who is believed to have been a woman. This meridian is connected to the Nile River and an underground energetic river through subterranean Africa and directly above this meridian is the Milky Way, a river of stars. This meridian, Credo Mutwa said, is the spinal cord of Earth.

As you can see, this is an incredible place of existence…and it doesn’t stop there. We buy cialis are all connected to this place. It is our home, our beginning. We are a micro-microcosm of this macrocosm, the 31stmeridian on the continent of Africa. As such, we can see that our bodies are the microcosm of Africa. We have a meridian line that runs along our spinal cord and connects us to heaven and earth. We have a right and left side, masculine and feminine sides of our selves. These aspects are often not in balance and are polarized. As we heal ourselves in our own polarities, we heal the planet. As we heal Africa, we heal ourselves. The answers appear in recognizing that we can heal by integrating the polarity to create unity. http://www.frankelnewfield.com/blog/cialis/ We integrate the polarity by bringing together with in our selves the opposites…to recognize that the light and dark are not different, they are all aspects of wholeness. To heal the wound of “not being listened to”, I need to “listen more”!

Blessings to you all!

My Encounter With a Baby Hippopotamus and the Sacred Warriorship Training/Shadow Work

Shortly after our arrival in Timbavati and the Global White Lion Trust, we took a day trip that included a visit to Jessica the hippo. Jessica was a hippo that was rescued by a man who had worked on game reserves and whose job had involved killing hippos.

She washed up on shore as a small baby hippo with her umbilical cord still attached. The man rescued her and he and his wife raised her together. Jessica navigates daily between the animal and human world, spending time in the river with the wild hippos and coming back at night to sleep on a mattress at the back of the house. I was overwhelmed with affection for her, as I watched her respond to the woman’s call to come to greet us so that we could touch her, feed her and take pictures of her. It was a little circus-like and I found this to be a bit dismaying. However, my personal desire to connect with her in love and without fear was stronger.

Recently there was a big flood and Jessica rescued the man and his wife, guiding their boat through the flood waters to safety! After the flood, another baby hippo with its umbilical cord still attached washed up on shore. This one was a male hippo whom they named Richie. We were allowed a private showing in their home but we were not allowed to take pictures.

Our group was escorted into their home, half of us went to the right and the other to the left to form a circle. I led the circle to the left and sat down cross legged on the iron-like floor that was devoid of any furniture. There was a set of several steps to my right that led to the other parts of their home. The woman came out of the back room with Richie walking beside her. Richie took the two steps down the stairs and turned to the left and plopped into my lap! Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed and shocked to find a baby hippo in my lap. He was beautiful! As I stroked his head and opened my heart to him, he relaxed more and more. I could feel his body sink deeper into my lap. He was a hippo, so even though he was a baby he was quite large. Others came to pet him and talk to him. At one point, he moved his head and placed it in another woman’s lap who sat on the stairs beside me but kept his body in my lap. It was hard to leave this surreal experience.

What does it mean spiritually to have a hippo in one’s lap? What does it mean to connect with hippos and hippos with humans? They are the most dangerous animal in Africa, responsible for the most deaths of humans. This was most definitely an example of cross species communication. Since my return from South Africa, I have been keenly aware of many occurrences of cross species connections. I think this is a part of the evolutionary shift: that we are becoming more in tune with and connected to the animals, recognizing each unique and equal contribution to the world!

Most of the group felt uncomfortable, if not distressed, by this visit. The energy that we perceived was “unclear” or “negative”. It was like a “circus” and the hippos were being exploited. We discussed our experience the next day in our group and this became our first piece of shadow work. We looked at how this man reflected to us an aspect of our own disowned selves. We participated in a tonglin practice with ourselves and energetically included the man who had rescued Jessica.

When we find that there is something in someone else that disturbs us, it is important to recognize that this is also a reflection of our shadow self or a disowned aspect of our own selves. What we dislike in others, is often a reflection of our own dislike for some aspect of our selves. In the tonglin practice we sent healing to the man’s heart and to our own hearts. Later, as a result of this healing practice, Linda Tucker shared that the hippo on her land, that had been rescued and was recovering from trauma, had started spraying to mark its territory for the first time. This was a victory for the hippos!

Sacred Warriorship Training/Shadow Work:

This trip was definitely a shamanic journey. It started when I was called by the White Lions and Maria Khosa in a powerful and emotional way. I listened even though I had no idea why I was being called. It was a soul calling…an awakening or quickening that left me no alternative but to go. The opportunity to go presented itself in the form of a Sacred Warriorship training in Timbavati with Linda Tucker and Andrew Harvey. Sacred Warriorship training involves shadow work, where you go deep into your unconscious and bring forth what you don’t even know is there. Not a problem, right??

During the week in Timbavati doing Sacred Warriorship (i.e. shadow work) Training what was activated for me was my experience of not being listened to. This is an old wound from my childhood. My roommate shared with me that she had received a message from the White Lions for me. She said that I needed to listen more. I resisted this message. Why would the lions send my roommate a message for me? Is she making this up? I wanted my own message from the lions. I had to sit with my reaction to this. Not an easy feat. It was a part of my own shadow work.

Interestingly, as the week progressed this is exactly what was needed for my own healing. It is in the polarity, in the opposite that healing takes place. In order to heal from not being listened to, I needed to listen more! I needed to listen to what was not being said, what was being communicated by the plants, animals, humans and all sentient beings. It is like we come full circle to heal and then there is no separation between the opposites. Yes, it is important to me that I am listened to at the same time that I listen more to others.

I had two more experiences that informed me that I was in the middle of a difficult time.

During our visit to the Shangaan village, I had a Bone Divination. In a private session with Maria Khosa’s sister, Sarah, she threw the sacred bones for me. The first question she asked me was if I was going through something difficult as the female bone was outside of the circle. When I told her that Maria and the White Lions had called me to Timbavati but I didn’t know why, she said “because

you are the same”. She threw the bones again and this time, my female bone was right next to the lion bone with Maria’s bone outside of the circle telling the story. According to the reading, the obstacle or difficulty that I was experiencing was in the process of clearing.

I discovered that I did have a blockage in my heart. I was very surprised as I felt that my heart space was wide open. The biodynamic healer that worked with me shared that even a small opening of the heart can feel overwhelming. My heart was blocked due to the many times that I have spoken my truth in this life time and past life times without being heard, so I shut down and gave up. Why speak up when no one listens and you don’t seem to be making a difference? In the session, I was called as a sacred warrior to stand up and speak my truth even if no one listens, to act with integrity and let go of the outcome!

As I went through my healing and uncovered this aspect of myself, I became more ready to move forward in my sacred work to inspire and motivate others to courageously step forward into their sacred work. Each of us has our own blueprint and out of this comes our own unique sacred work. It is so hard to keep from comparing ourselves to others and expecting things to look a certain way. This is part of our journey to open our hearts, be authentic, speak our truth even if no one is listening. The healing that took place was a major aspect of this incredible pilgrimage that I embarked upon.

The day that I left Timbavati was April 22nd, the day that Maria Khosa, Queen Lioness Shaman transitioned from the planet two years before. We called in her spirit and Durga’s spirit to our ritual. It was also Earth Day, my life number and a new moon. Under the enormous fig tree, at the Tsau White Lion Gobal Trust, Linda Tucker performed a very powerful sacred ritual that was given to her by Maria Khosa. It set everything in motion to complete a transformation for us. Tears streamed down my face as I began to see, even for a moment, how big the world really is! I was so altered during it that it is hard to put into words. I experienced an initiation.

Timbavati, Tsau and the Global White Lion Trust

On my arrival in South Africa, I felt a sense of being home, although seeing giraffe and zebra from our van as we drove to Timbavati after landing in Hoesprit, South Africa was not something I have ever encountered before. When I lived in Nigeria,we only saw camels and goats!

Our lodging in Timbavati consisted of a rondaval, a traditional African painted hut that I shared with my roommate. Our meals were delicious and healthy, local fruits and vegetables in both Western and African style, served around a big table with the other participants plus guests from around the world.

We had a full schedule of teachings: daily a.m. and p.m. tracking of the White Lions, visits to the local Shangaan Village, Kruger National Park, Drakensburg (Dragon) Mountains, a local orphanage in its construction phase, and a local White Lion primary school. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. There were only 8 of us in the Sacred Warriorship Program and 3 had been in the program the previous year, so it was a small and intimate group of varied ages, genders and occupations. Our classroom was an open-aired area with couches and chairs, coffee tables and lots of books.

Daily Visits to the White Lions

The White Lions are messengers for us during this evolutionary shift. The legend is that when they return to Earth, it will be during an evolutionary shift on our planet. In 1998, Linda Tucker had an encounter with lions surrounding her jeep that had broken down in the mist of a lion pride in which a lioness had just given birth. It was dusk and the lions completely surrounded their jeep and they were faced with the real possibility that they would be lion lunch. Then out of the bush came a woman with a baby on her back and two children by her side. She walked right through the lions and got into the jeep with Linda and 5 other people. The lions became subdued and they were able to go for help. Linda and the others were rescued. Three years later, Linda Tucker came back to Timbavati to find out what happened, how that woman had walked through those lions.

Her name was Maria Khosa and she was the Lion Queen of Timbavati. This event changed Linda’s life and she became a student of Maria Khosa and the Lion Shaman Credo Mutwa. At that same time, a White Lion cub was born in Bethlehem, South Africa in a canned camp. There had not been a White Lion sighting for over 10 years and prior to that the only recorded sightings were in the 1970’s. A year later, another White Lion cub was born in Bethlehem on December 25, 2000! Linda promised to free this cub she named Marah and she did. Maria Khosa gave Linda the responsibility and title of the Keeper of the White Lions. For the last 12 years Linda has been working actively to protect the White Lions of Timbavati and in the process discovered the deep spiritual and factual meaning of the White Lions and Timbavati that she describes in her book, Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sun God.

In our training program we had amazing daily visits to the White Lions. Each morning I would awaken by 5:15 a.m. and have a rusk (kind of a dry biscuit) with coffee before climbing into the open air jeep with our guide, either Jason or Celia. We would be bundled in our fleeces, sometimes with gloves and blankets as the African mornings and evenings are quite cool. We would set off and on the rough worn red clay roads with deep ruts from the heavy rains in February, the jeep would bounce along as we made sightings of zebra, impala, warthogs, Kudu and many wildebeest. We saw a variety of birds. We often saw the black-backed jackal although it is rare to see them during the day. The jackal is Anubis in the Egyptian oracle and is said to be the guide to the “Gateway to the Heart”, the teacher and visionary.

We would track the lions and when we spotted them, we would move in slowly, deferring to them as royalty, blinking our eyes and turning away, never looking at them directly, until we had established that they were the dominant ones. We would then sit with them with an open heart connecting to their energy and any messages that they would transmit to us.

The White Lions were in two

prides on different parts of the preserve. Brothers Regeus and Lataba and two tawny females, Khanyisa and Nyeleti, recent additions who carry the White Lion gene were on one side. On the other side were brothers Matsieng and Zukhara and their sister Nebu. The King Mandala and Queen Zihra were in a separate enclosure as they were believed to be expecting. Each evening before supper, we would go out and track the lions once again. The sunrises and the sunsets were the most beautiful I have ever seen!

The White Lions would continue to download or channel their messages to us while we slept. I often awoke to their deep guttural roaring. It was comforting, soothing and so powerful. I loved it!

Timbavati and the White Lions, Part 1

Greetings Friends,

I have been on the most amazing adventure of my life. In listening to the call of the White Lions and the Lion Queen  Maria Khosa to go to Timbavati I have opened up to a new paradigm of who we and how we are connected to all living things…plants, animals, the elements and humans! As a lot happened and I have not written in this blog since before the call, I decided that I would divide my journey into chapters so that it is more easily digested and experienced. Each of these chapters will be presented as a blog entry. The first chapter is Preparation. The succeeding chapters will be added to my blog weekly.


After making the decision to listen to the call, I looked for ways to support myself on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. To prepare, I went on a dietary cleanse, walked daily for exercise, re-read Linda Tucker’s book, The Mystery of the White Lions, received energy healing sessions and consulted with a spiritual intuitive for the very first time. I discovered that the universe was continuing to give me messages for my own awakening that supported my “listening to the call” to go to Timbavati.

The messages were interesting. I was told that I had a blockage in my left chest area during an energy treatment. I related to this, as I was feeling some pressure in this area when I laid down but thought it was related to a pulled muscle. She also asked me what association I had with the word “crescent” but more specifically “un-crescent”. What came to mind for me was the moon and coming into fullness. During the treatment, I was asked if the blockage in my chest was recent or old. I immediately responded that it was an ancient wounding related to the Bushman in Africa. When asked what it needed to heal, I said “paint it blue”. I did and felt like there was a Milky Way of stars that enveloped the room. After the treatment, the pressure was gone! I was not sure what the meaning of the “un-crescent moon was”.

The spiritual intuitive was very good.  Once she connected to my energy, she asked: “Do you give talks?” “Are you a Healer?” “Are you traveling over the waters?” She thought at first I was going to Peru. She then told me that I had been to Africa many times and was a Doctor there in an orphanage.  She asked if I was going to visit an orphanage.  I was.  The intuitive also shared that there was some “blockage” or emotional difficulty. She asked if I was going through a rough time. I said “not really”.  This trip to Africa was about finishing up old business.

An astrologer looked at my chart and told me it fully supported this process that I was going through, and that it would lead to taking a larger role in the world.

In a guided visualization, with a group of women, I was given the sacred ankh as a gift. I was not sure what this meant for me or the group. I understood that the ankh was a sacred symbol in Egypt and in Africa. Credo Mutwa said that I originated in Africa and was the knot that held the world together.

Many of the messages that I received pointed to a new paradigm of how I look at the world. When I look back on my life and all the events that have led up to this point, I am in awe. For instance, I did a collage during my 50th birthday ritual and on it is a big lion! I even remembered that the only stuffed animal I ever had was a lion, given to me when I was 12 years old. This journey to Timbavati was an important one on my soul’s path.

Each of our experiences throughout our life has meaning, depth and purpose beyond what we can imagine. My invitation to you is to continue to support yourself on your journey. We each have a unique blueprint that is now opening to the next level of our soul’s evolution!

The White Lions: Listening to the Call

Hello all,

Well, here I go….my first attempt at writing a blog…listening to the inner knock on my spiritual door. How do we know that the inner calling that we are hearing is not just our imagination at play? How do we pay attention, so that we can hear what our soul is calling us to? How do we move through our fear of acting on this inner calling when we don’t know what the kamagra oral jelly cvs outcome will be if we take that next step?

During the course of our lifetime, we will be given messages, signs and/or inner guidance that propel us to take the next step on our spiral path to a higher level of consciousness. This is part of our evolution. How many times do we avoid these messages out of fear of the unknown and stay comfortable in our established patterns?

What is the cost of us staying stuck? We are here on planet Earth viagra vs cialis as human beings to evolve ourselves and to take that next step in our evolution to become our authentic selves, who we really are. This journey on Earth is about listening to this inner calling that propels us forward. I would like to share with you my most recent challenge of listening to my “inner shaman”, my inner knowing, when a big part of me wants to stay safe and comfortable right where it is!

In October I attended the first week of the 28 Day SHIP Program at Venus Rising in the magical Smoky Mountains of North Carolina as an Apprentice. I had heard that Andrew Harvey was going to present for the first few days and I was curious about who he was and what he would offer as I had heard that he was amazing. Prior to attending, I looked up Andrew Harvey’s website and was drawn to a You Tube video on his work with Linda Tucker and the White Lions.

As the story goes in the early 90’s Linda was on safari in Timbavati and the levitra online jeep they were in broke down at night and they were surrounded by lions who were about to attack when a woman with her granddaughter on her back walked through the lions and got into the jeep with them. This woman, a Lion Shaman, was not afraid of the lions. They were subdued by her presence which allowed someone to get help and they were rescued. Three years later, Linda returned to Timbavati and connected with this African Lion Queen and it changed her life forever. I was touched by this story but did not know the impact this would have on me.

During Andrew Harvey’s talk, I reflected on my passions, one of which is to watch movies or listen to stories about human vulnerability, adversity, courage, trials and triumphs and wanted to share this with Andrew Harvey and at this moment he mentioned the White Lions. No sooner did I start to speak about the White Lions than I was a puddle on the floor. The emotion that broke though was surprising and my heart was so open as a huge release of grief, compassion and emotion came out in sobbing. I did not know what came over me. Andrew said that I should come to Timbavati with his Sacred Warriorship School in August. I heard this but it did not really register.

I continued to process this experience through my breathworks. During the first breathwork, I received the message that I was to go to Timbavati and connect with the White Lions. I had the experience of being a white lion in the canned hunting cages anticipating being shot or seeing one of its family shot and what it felt like to have a family levitra member killed. I felt that Maria Knosa , the Lion Queen Shaman was with me and guiding me to come to Timbavati. I was overwhelmed by this message and fought it, saying “Why me?” “Is this really happening or am I making it up?” “I have other responsibilities!” “We don’t have the money.” Yet, the message was clear “Come to Timbavati to be with the White Lions”.

I shared my experience with others in the 28 Day and discovered that Star Wolf had a vision in which an African Shamaness had appeared to her and the message was that she was to go to Timbavati with Linda Tucker and Andrew Harvey. Star Wolf invited me to join her and Brad in April when they would be traveling to Timbavati with Andrew. While Star Wolf and I shared our experiences, two birds flew into the window. Star Wolf said that the birds were making a point for us. Maybe this is a message to pay attention to, I thought.

I e-mailed Andrew Harvey and the Sacred Warriorship School to see if there were any openings for the levitra coupon April trip and there was one opening available. I spoke to my dear husband and he (after going though a breathwork) told me that if I am being called then I must go! I signed up.

Since then, I have read Linda Tucker’s book on the

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White Lions of Timbavati and through this book have gained a deeper understanding of why I might be called to Timbavati. Timbavati is a star generic cialis energy center and the White Lions are sacred animals that are bringing a message for this time in the evolution of our planet. Timbavati lies on the 31st meridian which also connects Great Zimbabwe and Giza where the Egyptian Sphinx stands with the lions (White Lions?) protecting the entrance.

What will unfold for me through this pilgrimage, I do not know. I am only trusting that I am called to go. When something deep inside of us calls us to action it may be difficult to listen as we do not always have the answers as to why we are being called. It is about taking a leap of faith to grow our souls.

PS: The picture of the lions at the top of this blog was picked out for me by my wonderful husband before the experience with Andrew Harvey describing the White Lions of Timbavati. Over a year ago, I had a meditation in which lions came to me and spoke about courage. Actually, over 7 years ago, I created a collage cialis during my 50th Birthday Ritual and a lion was front and center! What a wonderful journey this life is….pay attention to the signs and synchronicities!