• Why Cecil the Lion?

    I have been listening to the anger, outrage, grief, pain and confusion over the death of Cecil the lion from Zimbabwe.

    I have been reading the articles from the New York Times, countless articles on-line and television news coverage trying to understand what it is about this lion's death, Cecil's death, that has so moved people from across the globe.

    I have listened to anger of others who feel the attention that Cecil's death has been given ...

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  • A Shamanic Perspective on Ferguson

    November 17, 2014 The film Lion Ark is about the daring rescue of 25 lions that had been imprisoned in zoos in Bolivia. They were brought to a Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado created by a 19 year old man after he discovered that zoos hold surplus animals in their back rooms that never see the light of day. They old, unwanted animals stay there and eventually are euthanized. They are held in small cages.  This ...

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  • How the world is so big

    The White Lions have come to Earth at this time to give us a message related to the evolutionary changes taking place on our planet. They are “Divine Consciousness” and their message is to step into our own power to do what we can uniquely do for the world at this time.

    The world what is levitra is in the middle of huge polarities with ...

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  • My Encounter With a Baby Hippopotamus and the Sacred Warriorship Training/Shadow Work

    Shortly after our arrival in Timbavati and the Global White Lion Trust, we took a day trip that included a visit to Jessica the hippo. Jessica was a hippo that was rescued by a man who had worked on game reserves and whose job had involved killing hippos.

    She washed up on shore as a small baby hippo with her umbilical cord still attached. The man rescued her and he and his wife raised her ...

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  • Timbavati, Tsau and the Global White Lion Trust

    On my arrival in South Africa, I felt a sense of being home, although seeing giraffe and zebra from our van as we drove to Timbavati after landing in Hoesprit, South Africa was not something I have ever encountered before. When I lived in Nigeria,we only saw camels and goats!

    Our lodging in Timbavati consisted of a rondaval, a traditional African painted hut that I shared with my roommate. Our meals were delicious and healthy, ...

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  • Timbavati and the White Lions, Part 1

    Greetings Friends, I have been on the most amazing adventure of my life. In listening to the call of the White Lions and the Lion Queen  Maria Khosa to go to Timbavati I have opened up to a new paradigm of who we and how we are connected to all living things…plants, animals, the elements and humans! As a lot happened and I have not written in this blog since before the call, I decided that I ...

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  • The White Lions: Listening to the Call

    Hello all,

    Well, here I go….my first attempt at writing a blog…listening to the inner knock on my spiritual door. How do we know that the inner calling that we are hearing is not just our imagination at play? How do we pay attention, so that we can hear what our soul is calling us to? How do we move through our fear of acting on this inner calling when we don’t know what the ...

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