How the world is so big

The White Lions have come to Earth at this time to give us a message related to the evolutionary changes taking place on our planet. They are “Divine Consciousness” and their message is to step into our own power to do what we can uniquely do for the world at this time.

The world is in the middle of huge polarities with struggles between the right & left; dark & light; conservative & liberal; feminine & masculine; gay and straight; protected & unprotected areas. We as a world have become polarized into two camps, whatever the issue is, there exists what people believe to be a right and a wrong position. We are stuck in this polarity.

It is important for us to integrate all aspects of ourselves in order to be whole. Often, the part of ourselves that is not integrated is the shadow part or denied part of ourselves. When we don’t acknowledge this part, it acts out in ways that we defend as right even when it is wrong. It is the part that can do horrible damage to our Earth, to other humans and to ourselves as we justify it.

What I learned is that not only is Timbavati a star energy area, it exists on the same longitudinal meridian with Giza, where the Sphinx exists. It is also at the tail of the Rift Valley where the first human evolved, who is believed to have been a woman. This meridian is connected to the Nile River and an underground energetic river through subterranean Africa and directly above this meridian is the Milky Way, a river of stars. This meridian, Credo Mutwa said, is the spinal cord of Earth.

As you can see, this is an incredible place of existence…and it doesn’t stop there. We are all connected to this place. It is our home, our beginning. We are a micro-microcosm of this macrocosm, the 31stmeridian on the continent of Africa. As such, we can see that our bodies are the microcosm of Africa. We have a meridian line that runs along our spinal cord and connects us to heaven and earth. We have a right and left side, masculine and feminine sides of our selves. These aspects are often not in balance and are polarized. As we heal ourselves in our own polarities, we heal the planet. As we heal Africa, we heal ourselves. The answers appear in recognizing that we can heal by integrating the polarity to create unity. We integrate the polarity by bringing together with in our selves the opposites…to recognize that the light and dark are not different, they are all aspects of wholeness. To heal the wound of “not being listened to”, I need to “listen more”!

Blessings to you all!

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