Join Master Apprentice Becky Wheeler and Master Facilitator Ruth Souther for a half-day in-person and online Shamanic Breathwork Workshop.

August 22
1-5 p.m.

$45 for in-person
$25 for online

Take an afternoon to intuitively dip into a deeper sense of compassion, balance, and flow in your life. Imagine what it is for you to
align with the peaceful presence within. Find the clarity, openness, compassion, and wisdom residing there. Or simply continue the journey that brings you closer to finding all those and more. Discover the inspiration handed to you from your inner divine. This Shamanic breath work will offer a sacred experience for the beautiful process unfolding within you.

This one-day hybrid (in person & online) Breathwork is an invitation
to both new and experienced breathers to clear the mind in order to
facilitate clarity ofthought and emotional truth, and to deepen your
daily experience of life from a soul level.

Shamanic Breathwork is an amazing tool using the breath, drumming and emotionally evocative chakra-attuned music. The process unlocks your old patterns, stories and dense energies and supports you in accessing more of your authentic self.

As you open to a more expanded state of consciousness you connect to your inner self, gaining insight to live a more fully embodied life.

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