Sacred Warriorship: Call of the Dragon

Sacred Warriorship
Call of the Dragon
February 9-11, 2018
(Friday evening through Sunday 6:00 p.m.)
$275.00 (early bird: $225.00 before January 1st)

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Dive into the realms of the spiritual warrior energy for the new eon

with Carley Mattimore, John Malan and Ruth Souther

the calling:

Active service

Life with meaning & purpose

Fight for intrinsic value from the heart

Lionhearted leadership with dragon heat

Balance shadow and light dynamics

Co-creating passionate change with archetypal forces

Evolve your Chiron Warrior

This energy of change is knocking on our door demanding we consciously rise up to meet the new paradigm.

Note: Each of the workshops on the Warrriorship Path stand on their own and you may attend them in any order. 

Warriorship Path III coming soon: Enlightened Leadership