New Shamanic Multidimensional Mystery School

New Mystery School Starting in April, 2018!
Becoming A 5th Dimensional Human On Planet Earth
with Judith Corvin-Blackburn and Carley Mattimore
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April 26 – 29, 2018
(7:00 p.m. Thursday to Sunday)
Springfield, IL

Description and Schedule

This Shamanic Multi‐Dimensional Mystery School is designed for those who have already done the bulk of their emotional healing, have sought to live by their heart’s wisdom and have felt guided by Spirit in many of their life choices. We are very excited to bring forward such an offering, and know that you will hear the Call if this is the right process for you.

The multidimensional teachings in this mystery school are based on the work of Barbara Hand Clow. Characteristics of 5th Dimensional beings include understanding that we are all One, that there is a unified field that interconnects with all existence, that we have the ability and right to live in unconditional love free of self‐ or other‐judgment. When we operate out of 5th dimensional consciousness, we automatically quiet our egos, and allow our hearts to lead in all areas of our life, creating a new level of harmony, inner peace, and higher perceptual abilities.

This school will be taught in 4 segments and each segment will include indigenous and star consciousness teachings, a new relationship with time and our soul experiences, inner journeying, and a new collective vision for ourselves and our world.

When you register for the first segment, we ask you make a commitment to attending all 4 which will take place within a 2 year period. The 3 later sessions will be scheduled when we meet to insure that everyone can be available.  Since there will be no early bird registration for the last 3 segments, the charge for each of those segments will be $350. This can be paid in two payments, one the month before the segment and the other the month of.

The mystery school will meet in Springfield, IL at a location to be announced. There is a possibility, depending on the preference of the group, that Segment 4 will be held in Isis Cove in the sacred Smoky Mountains. We wish to keep continuity between segments and have both ‘required’ and suggested reading and the option of attending 2 free conference calls between segments, to share and keep focused on your process.

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Segment 1:  WATER (April 26 – 29, 2018)

In this first segment, we dive deeply into the gestation process, visioning and dreaming our expanded multidimensional selves. We will gain an overview of the different aspects of our multidimensional nature, how they correspond to the lower, middle and higher worlds of the shamanic process and how to discern the difference between our 3D vs. 5D frequency. We dream a time when our 5D frequency reigns, and gain clarity on how this will shift our lives. Journeying with our guides into our Inner Wisdom, we share our visions and together create images of a loving, just and evolved world on Planet Earth.

Segment 2: EARTH (dates to be determined per participants’ needs)

In this segment, we begin our journey down the birth canal. It is here our blocks and resistances arise. We will work with our inner skeptic, as well as our fears around being the pioneers or avatars we are meant to be. Our inner journey will help us sort between illusion and grounded, practical applications of how to live our 5D potential in day-to-day life. We will work also with the Collective fears and resistances to creating a new way of living on our planet.

Segment 3: FIRE – (dates to be determined per participants’ needs)

Our resistances are now waning as the cervix fully opens, allowing us to dig deeply into our creative core. We move through Earthly constraints igniting new ways to inspire each other and shift the collective consciousness in our outer world. As we do this, we increase our awareness of our shadow aspects, and work to integrate these parts more fully, and simultaneously clear the canopy of 4D so it no longer blocks our access to higher dimensional reality. We will journey with our shadow selves, helping them release their attachment to our 3D expression which allows us to step more fully into our multi-dimensional potential, and fully reclaim our 5D nature. Then together, we work with the Collective shadow, preparing to birth inner and outer New Earth.

Segment 4: SPIRIT & AIR (dates to be determined per participants’ needs)

As the birth process nears completion, we now SURRENDER, allowing our old way of living to fall away. We feel Spirit informing us more clearly than ever. We see our inner and outer world through our 5D eyes and our 3D selves no longer have power over us. As we step into our new form, our consciousness is free of attachments. We plant new seeds for growth and transformation and for sharing our new Selves with the world. We are ready to spread our new wings and soar.

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