The Sacred Warriorship Path I

“We each have a responsibility to share our gifts with the world,
stand in our truth and be all that we came here to be.”

September 22 – 24, 2017

(Friday evening opening circle at 7 p.m.)
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday – Sunday
Donation: $285
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Finding the Courage to Use Our Gifts

  • Transform your Wounds into your Gifts as we work with Chiron, the Wounded Healer

  • Step into your wild and passionate destiny

  • Explore your inner self and ignite your passion with Shamanic Breathwork, art & group processing

  • Connect with your Spiritual Warrior and Sacred Activist

  • Activate your Lion Heart!

to Step Into Our Sacred Warriorship!

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Sacred Warriorship Path is the first in a series of three workshops. 

This workshop is the first of a series that will heal, honor and empower our Inner Warrior to take on the mantle of Sacred Warrior and go out into the world to fulfill our destiny.

As we begin to live out our sacred purpose, we are often challenged by life events and old patterns that make it difficult to keep our momentum as we embrace our new passions and visions. Although we are much farther along on our journey to wholeness, we may find that we still struggle with resistance, fear and doubt as we work to bring these new visions into fruition. We may fear taking up the mantle of the warrior to bring our visions and dreams into fruition. The warrior has often been identified with the soldier or an indigenous tribesman or woman that fights for what is sacred to them; often their or their communities freedom.

Yet it is simply a fact that warrior energy is required of all living things on the Earth.  Even at the cellular level, each cell must maintain its walls, allowing in what will serve it and keeping out or expelling what does not.  The Great Mother provides food for all, but she does not throw it into the nest.  We each must do what we have to in order just to live, and still more to fulfill our sacred purpose.

So it is that at this time in our lives, we should pause to allow our Inner Warrior to come home to be honored, to be healed and to restore the connection to the Sacred, so that our actions may come from a place of love and not from rage, fear or hatred.

We will explore our relationship with the Warrior Archetype of balanced with the Archetypes of Healer, Love and Magician defined by Angles Arrien, Joseph Campbell and others.

We will look at the characteristics and leadership qualities of the Lion Archetype, central to this Astrological Age of Leo and Aquarius as we explore ways to live in balance with Nature as we study the 13 Laws of Lion-Hearted Leadership developed by Linda Tucker of the White Lion Global Protection Trust.

We will also explore Chiron the Wounded Healer, who is of great assistance in helping us acquire a deeper understanding of the archetypical energies reflected by Chiron a comet with a unique erratic orbit in our sky that is active in our astrological charts. Chiron represents our deepest spiritual wound which can become our greatest gift. In this process we become more expansive and empowered, supporting the birth of a new vitality within us to step into our sacred warriorship.

We are here to embrace a new archetype of the Warrior energy that transforms the old patriarchal model to one that is in alignment with the courageous heart energy of the Lion and planetary visionary of the Wolf; two archetypal aspects of the Blue Star energies that are creating the new world.

Through Shamanic Breathwork we will move between the worlds to access the truth of our passionate purpose as spiritual warriors working for a better world as we live our sacred purpose.

We each have a sacred purpose, a way of bringing our own unique energy to the whole of humanity; we are a part of the whole and as such we each contribute an essential piece to the healing and transformation of our planet.

This workshop series is designed for anyone who wants to step more fully into a balanced leadership role for humanity while living their passion by embodying their own sacred activism during this radical transformation into the Age of Aquarius and Leo.

Future Sacred Warriorship Workshops:


Jubilee Farm, Springfield, Illinois