Shamanic Warriorship: LION

A Training Program for Warrior
Leadership in the
New Age

October 22 (evening) – 24

Early Bird $275 by October 1, 2021

This is the first, the LION segment in a series of four modules accessing a new kind of warrior energy/leadership for our time. Each segment brings an archetypical animal and element to support the birth of this new kind of energy. Yet each stands on its own merits to support you in accessing your own inner heart centered potent warrior energy.

Through this process we will embody heart centered warrior energy of independence and interdependence through teachings, Shamanic Breathwork and experiential rituals and ceremonies.

Your Shamanic Guides are Carley Mattimore, John Malan & Ruth Souther along with Teri Freesmeyer.

As above so below… as within so without


* Heart Warrior for Our Time
* Stepping into Independence with Freedom
* Honoring Our Interdependent Nature
* Honoring Our History as We Embrace Our Future
* Raising Consciousness in the Leo Aquarian Age

Embody the warrior energy of independence and interdependence through teachings, Shamanic Breathwork and
experiential rituals and ceremonies

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Your Shamanic Guides

Carley Mattimore, is a spiritual midwife and leader for these times, author of Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa, Ordained Shamanic Minister, Master Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Psychotherapist with over 30 years’ experience. She is also a Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner and Healing Touch Practitioner and co-facilitator of the Shamanic Multidimensional Mystery School. Carley is co-founder of Aahara Spiritual Community of Venus Rising located in Springfield, IL where we offer psychospiritual workshops including the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (SHIP) as well as many other workshops including psychospiritual tours to Africa. Both Carley and John are graduates of the White Lion Leadership Academy and Lionhearted Leadership graduates. The Shamanic Warriorship Path, a signature program offered through Aahara Spiritual Community, was born through Carley’s inspiration and is in alignment with her sacred purpose in supporting humanity in a new paradigm of warrior energy. Carley’s second book on the warrior is in process.

John Malan, is Carley’s beloved and cofounder of Aahara Spiritual Community of Venus Rising. John is a Shamanic Minister with a master’s degree in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies through Venus Rising University. A seasoned spiritual guide with a deep love and respect for nature as well as a deep thinker of life, he enjoys art, poetry, gardening and long walks in the woods. John is a Projective Dreamwork Facilitator, trained by Jeremy Taylor. John co-facilitates the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process program, the Shamanic 12-Step and the Dare’ Dream Circle. He is a Master Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Shamanic Reiki III Practitioner and graduate of the White Lion Leadership Academy and Lionhearted Leadership Practitioner Training.

Ruth Souther, is the Head Trainer and Cofacilitator of Aahara Spiritual Community. She is a Shamanic Minister, and a Shamanic Master Breathwork Facilitator. She is a certified Consulting Hypnotist and a Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner. She is the Director of the Vega’s Path Priestess Process, author of The Elemental Priestess, and The Heart of Tarot. She is an accomplished Astrologer and has thirty years of experience in Tarot Studies. She is a graduate of Venus Rising University with a Master’s in Shamanic Intuitional Practices and a Doctorate of Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies. She is a founding member of The Sanctuary of Formative Spirituality, a NFP eclectic spiritual foundation, and The Edge of Perception Collective. She is also a founding member and Chief Editor of Crystal Heart Imprints, a co-operative author/artist owned press.

Teri Freesmeyer, adjunct Aahara Staff, has been instrumental in weaving her talents, gifts and inspiration through the birth of Aahara’s Shamanic Warriorship Path. She is the creator of the Art of Receiving and Transforming Energy Academy, The ART ACADEMY. Teri is an intuitive healer offering transformational and integrative bodywork (LMT) and coaching, using a variety of metaphysical skills and holistic arts. Teri is a certified metaphysician, consulting hypnotist, priestess, and Holy Fire Reiki Master and a Transformation Game Facilitator®. She is an ordained Shamanic Minister and Breathwork Facilitator and shares her creative passion and work through writing, teaching, creative and spiritual coaching and as a speaker and presenter. Teri works with wellness advocacy, offering self-care practices, yoga, mindfulness, energy medicine, movement therapies, sound healing, aromatherapy and more.

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Overview of the Program

This new Shamanic Warriorship Training Program, developed by Master Facilitators Carley Mattimore, John Malan and Ruth Souther, is an experiential journey of healing and transforming our inner warrior, who was born out of trauma and who learned some combination of fight, flight, freeze or fold to keep us safe.

We are in an age of incredible power and promise which humanity could never have imagined. We still cannot predict how it will unfold. It is an age that has been anticipated by many indigenous cultures through lifetimes, through history’s patterns and through prophesies. A time we have all been waiting for—the fifth most powerful evolutionary time on the planet. It is in this time of change that we need a new paradigm of the warrior, the birth of a new kind of warrior energy that is in alignment with the heart and the higher frequencies of consciousness unfolding on the planet.

The Shamanic Warrior eliminates that which no longer serves us as individuals or as a whole. This energy creates a powerful force field that serves all of humanity with compassion. Decisions are made from a higher consciousness based on shamanic sustainability, which enhances humanity and nature, staying aware of the needs and aspirations of the whole eco-system, promoting harmony and balance.

This warrior helps us expand our consciousness and shake the foundations of our old beliefs as well as the systems and structures these old beliefs grew out of, often referred to as the Patriarchy. This new vision for Humanity embodies a healthy masculine and feminine integration with Shamanic Warrior consciousness, creating the potential for a New Earth.

We attain this frequency through a deep inner healing of the personal and collective psyche. We are all going through these changes but Shamanic Warriors are being called to ignite the consciousness of the masses to facilitate this rebirth of our planet.

Some of you may be stepping into a new understanding of your sacred purpose and others may not be sure of your direction or place in universe, yet each of you are moving towards an awakening of a deeper actualization of your inherent potential during this new age of consciousness. But as we implement this directive, we may find ourselves challenged by life events and old patterns that make it difficult to keep our momentum as we embrace new passions and visions.

Although we are much further along on our journey to wholeness, we may find that we still struggle with resistance, fear and doubt as we work to bring these new visions into fruition. The warrior is someone who fights for what is sacred to them; often their own or their community’s freedom. The new warrior energy that is emerging comes from a place of deep inner healing and transformation for us personally and collectively.

These are the times that have been prophesied for centuries by indigenous cultures across the globe. One example of this is The Tibetan Buddhists who described this time on Earth as one when the Shambhala Warriors would return. They spoke of a new kind of warrior energy seeding the planet, an energy that holds a higher perception of how to dismantle the old structures. This energy comes not from weapons of mass destruction but the higher love and wisdom of being a divine human on earth who holds the container of higher love, wisdom and compassion as they see the bigger picture.

In this four-part series of the Sacred Warriorship Path you will work with the energy of the Lion, Dragon, Tiger and Eagle through experiential exercises and rituals and Shamanic Breathwork.

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In the first segment we connect to the energy of the Lion, its energy, qualities and traits that correspond to our inner authority and inner strength and that supports us in realigning with our true natures. We embrace and welcome home our “wounded warrior”, the part of ourselves that has protected us from perceived threats.

We learn about the archetype of Chiron, the wounded warrior who embarks on a journey to heal the wounds from personal and lineage trauma, transforming them into the medicine for a new Earth. We remember, re-align, reset and reconnect to the inherent wisdom within us to become the agents of change on Earth during this evolutionary upgrade on the planet. The element here is Earth.

In the second segment, we connect with the energy, qualities and traits of the Dragon, the guardian energy that transforms into our ally as we embrace and welcome home our loyal soldier, the wounded inner warrior. We will develop a new relationship with these shadow elements and a deeper understanding of our unconscious defense mechanisms, which developed through our early trauma. This process supports us in flushing out the old warrior paradigm and helps to raise our consciousness to a full awakening of our responsibility in community. As we reclaim and heal this shadow energy it becomes the fuel for us to be passionately of service at this critical time on the planet. The element here is Fire.

In the third segment, we connect with the energy, qualities and traits of the Tiger. Tiger
symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and the ability to trust our intuition. This includes developing willpower, personal strength and courage. As we unpack our shadow warrior traits, we directly face our fears & overwhelming emotions by inviting them into conscious awareness, bringing them to the table to work through the need for denial that has kept them hidden. Here we integrate our emotions, harnessing the energy consumed by defensive behaviors. We become strong and insightful as we learn how to trust our own inner knowing. As we get stronger physically and emotionally, we have a renewed passion, sensuality and purpose in life! The element here is Water.

In the fourth segment, we connect with the energy, qualities and traits of the Eagle.
We have been through a shamanic initiation, a process of transforming the old paradigm of the warrior, welcoming them home, compassionately understanding their journey and diving into the unconscious aspects that triggered a defensive response. We now step into transforming our experiences into a higher perspective of the warrior’s shamanic journey. We are now called to a higher vision of ourselves, learning to stretch our limits, to doing and being much more than we believed we were capable of. We trust in possibilities, taking one step after the other and knowing we will arrive at our destination, even if we do not understand what is being asked of us. We learn how to fly. We step into a higher version of ourselves and understand there are other forces at work supporting us (and humanity) in this evolution of consciousness. We become the Shamanic Warrior for a New Earth. The element here is Air.

We each have a sacred purpose, a way of bringing our own unique energy and gifts to the whole of humanity; we are a part of the whole and as such we each contribute an essential piece to the healing and transformation of our planet.

This workshop series is designed for anyone who wants to step more fully into a balanced leadership role for humanity while living their passion and embodying their own sacred activism during this radical transformation into the Age of Aquarius and Leo.

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