With Ruby Falconer, co-creator of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology

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The gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt play an important role in the transformative process we are currently experiencing on planet Earth. These mythological archetypes – called neteru – are shamanic in nature. Emerging out of the mists of prehistory, these deities derive their meaning from essential forces of nature. They represent universal principles of creation and destruction. As we move through our own process of change, various neteru step forth as guides on our journey, appearing to us spontaneously in meditations and experiential processes.

In this workshop we will invite the Royal Family of ancient Egypt into our circle – Isis, Osiris, Nephthys, Set, Horus and Anubis. These members of the Egyptian pantheon are among the most accessible to our modern perspective. Their stories are rich in drama and magic, and woven into their tales are relatable experiences and universal emotions.

Join Ruby Falconer in this weekend workshop and meet the Royal Family of ancient Egypt. Included will be teachings, experiential exercises, guided journeys and a Shamanic Breathwork Journey. Form your own unique relationship with these powerful archetypes and receive messages specific to your life and your current experiences.

Ruby is the co-creator – with Linda Star Wolf – of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Together they wrote Shamanic Egyptian Astrology; Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods. Ruby blends a comprehensive understanding of mythology, astrology, psychology and philosophy with a gift for storytelling. She is a Shamanic Breathwork Master Practitioner, a staff member of Venus Rising Association for Transformation and an astrologer with 47 years of experience.

Ruby will be available for Shamanic Egyptian Astrology chart readings on Monday, April 20. Contact her directly at for more information.

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