I attended only one session of Shamanic Breathwork and although skeptical at first (c’mon I’ve been meditating, breathing, studying, exploring avenues for higher awareness for 2/3 of my life) I have come away from this day with Carley and John renewed on a much deeper level.

I found yet another part of myself seeking expression and a voice and it found a way to communicate with me through Breathwork. And in a very synchronistic confirmation that my insights were valid and to be trusted a four-month long episode of sciatic pain in my left thigh began to disengage. By the morning after the session I was nearly painfree.

I was asked by my internal guides to learn to fly in my breathwork session and I am following that as I write this, 2,000 miles from my home, low on cash, but making new friends everywhere and still feeling the lightness of Trust enveloping me.

The twinges of sciatica have only come back in a few short spurts, at those moments when I lose my trust completely and start to freak out. Our bodies cannot lie to us and I’ve learned how important the energy work both in Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork is to dislodge pain both physical and emotional. Thank you both for this amazing experience!

Y. S.