Shamanic breathwork is an astonishing and profound process that took me deeply into my inner landscape, brought out internal conflicts and healed wounds I was not even aware that I carried. This process also reinforces the work I do in the world and highlights the joys as well as the sorrows. I am set to begin the SHIP process, due to my past experiences with Aahara. Carley and John are the ultimate in breathwork facilitation – they provide a sacred and safe space for this soul work to progress. Truly professional in their work, they invoke compassion, caring and kindness through difficult moments, offer guidance and wisdom based on their own experiences and are not afraid to bring forth the shadow self that begins healing the spirit in all of us.


30 Questions Process

The 30 Questions provided an opportunity to explore deep questions within a supportive process and a thoughtful group of people.  Beyond simple questions and answers, the group explorations were thought-provoking and frequently moving.  Discussions fostered a greater sense of self-awareness and more intentional behavior for me.  I felt challenged to question my assumptions and values, reconsider past experiences from new perspectives, and work toward forgiveness, resolution and gratitude.  The process deepened existing relationships, and I found new friends.  I recommend it to anyone who is interested in exploring the deeper meaning of life and discovering insights to guide their own journey.   CAK

30 Questions Process

The group process with the 30 Questions was a powerful experience for me.  In the group I was able to clarify some issues I had long struggled with, heal some old wounds, and I developed a closer connection to Spirit.  Carley and John did a wonderful job of facilitating the group by participating and sharing themselves.  The group was structured so that we only shared what we wished to share.  I was not expecting the transformative experience I had.  The process has helped me move forward in many ways.  I am so grateful for this experience.  KPG

30 Questions Process

The 30 Shamanic Questions was a worthwhile experience that helped me grow as a person. Having finished the 30 questions with the group I have learned a lot about who I am and what I have to work on. I would suggest this process to anyone looking for a better understanding of who they are.   CO

30 Questions Process

A personal undertaking in spiritual growth is so sacred, like the journey of reflection on the 30 questions.  The individual and group experience of allowing yourself sacred time in a spiritual state of uncovering the power of vulnerability and unconditional sacred love of self and others is a priceless treasure for the individual and collective soul.  LS


There are important reasons to sign up for the workshops that Carley and John offer on breathwork.  First off, you’ll  get results — a  deeper understanding and steps toward resolution of personal issues that you are dealing with.  Second, John and Carley make a  great team  and are exceptionally well-trained in how to free-up human energy so that it can manifest more productively in your daily  living and relationships.  Of the four similar workshops I’ve participated in over the years, C&J presented the best organized and  executed.  Plus they are truly empathic with the participants and insightful about the personal issues that come up.  And they  complement each other with their insights and humor in numerous ways that release good feelings and lightens the experience.     The residents of central Illinois are fortunate to have these opportunities for personal growth.

P. G.

Healing Touch

The healing I have received in my sessions with Carley Mattimore have been truly amazing. Her hands of healing touch put me in a deep state of relaxation allowing my body and mind to release any negative energy as the background music lulls me into total relaxation.
I have experienced healing of an upper respiratory problem with asthma I was having, wheezing and short of breath when I arrived. The bronchial tubes relaxed and I stopped wheezing and didn’t need any more nebulizer treatments.
It continues to help me on my journey to spiritual and physical well being and being able to put my thoughts and feelings in writing. If I am experiencing any depression or sadness when I have a session, it lifts and I feel whole again with renewed awareness that we are all one in this Divine universe.

I am forever grateful Spirit placed her on my journey in life.
K. T.


Thank you so much for the Shamanic Breathwork experience. I felt like it really took me deep within myself to my inner shaman. It was also great to hear about others’ experiences and feelings and to share mine with them.

Thank you for bringing this to Springfield!

S. B.


I attended only one session of Shamanic Breathwork and although skeptical at first (c’mon I’ve been meditating, breathing, studying, exploring avenues for higher awareness for 2/3 of my life) I have come away from this day with Carley and John renewed on a much deeper level.

I found yet another part of myself seeking expression and a voice and it found a way to communicate with me through Breathwork. And in a very synchronistic confirmation that my insights were valid and to be trusted a four-month long episode of sciatic pain in my left thigh began to disengage. By the morning after the session I was nearly painfree.

I was asked by my internal guides to learn to fly in my breathwork session and I am following that as I write this, 2,000 miles from my home, low on cash, but making new friends everywhere and still feeling the lightness of Trust enveloping me.

The twinges of sciatica have only come back in a few short spurts, at those moments when I lose my trust completely and start to freak out. Our bodies cannot lie to us and I’ve learned how important the energy work both in Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork is to dislodge pain both physical and emotional. Thank you both for this amazing experience!

Y. S.


My first experience with Shamanic Breathwork was interesting; however, the true magic came about in the days after my Breathwork experience was over. The next two nights after my Breathing experience, I had wonderful dreams of my beautiful dog, Lucky, who had recently passed.

However, the most amazing experience happened five days later. I was in my backyard, which is surrounded by woods, and I was becoming very sad as I thought of all of the ways I missed the physical presence of Lucky. I walked over to her grave, and I told her how much I loved her, that I was looking forward to see her again, and that I really wish she would give me a sign.

I went back inside to do some grading (I am a college professor); and, just as I was about to grade my last paper, one of my dogs began barking very loudly at the back door.

I went over to see what he was barking at, and I saw a beautiful red fox sitting directly on Lucky’s headstone at her grave. I knew it was a message from Lucky.