After Care Instructions

First developed by Venus Rising, this list of ways to take care of yourself after a breathwork is good for any time that you need to give yourself some extra care!

Our Network of Healing

Venus Rising Association for Transformation is the “mothership” of Shamanic Breathwork.  Their website has a wealth of material and links to further reading, as well as a list of Shamanic Ministers that can be searched by region.  Star Wolf and Brad Collins have made this their lifes’ work and it is growing at an amazing pace!

Shamans Hearth Spiritual Community is located in Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota. Deb gives a good explanation of what we mean by “Shamanic psycho-spiritual.”

Freedom Rising, in West Linn, Oregon, is on facebook.  Barb Westover is the developer and leading teacher of Shamanic Reiki.

Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary is the site of another congregation of Venus Rising, the Shaman’s Heart, founded by Laura Wolf.  Laura offers Life Coaching and Shakti Yoga as well as Shamanic Breathwork.

Empowering the Spirit is Judith Corvin-Blackburn’s website.  Judith has been working in transpersonal psychology for many years and writes an excellent blog on the multidimensional aspects of our lives.

Goddess on the Loose is Anyaa McAndrew’s website.  Anyaa has also worked in transpersonal psychology for many years, particularly in the area of empowering women to step into their full potential as Shamanic Priestesses.

Gary Stamper’s Web Portal provides a wealth of information for men seeking to overcome (outgrow) the Old Masculine and awaken the New Masculine that our world is calling for now.

Tantra for Awakening is the site of Crystal Dawn Morris, a long time spiritual seeker and teacher who offers Tantra workshops, Couples Coaching, Coaching for Ecstatic Living and Transformation and Intimacy teachings.

The Yoni Project is the site of Mari Morales-Williams, a community educator who works with  inner city youth between 11-18. As a woman who is a survivor of sexual violence, she has dedicated her life to creating safe spaces for girls and women to recognize trauma, invest in healing, and access empowerment. She credits a large part of her healing process to the personal work she has done with her yoni. Hence, The Yoni Project…

Please check back periodically, we will be adding to this section!